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What to wear in Edinburgh sep 19th- sep 23rd.

Hello! I am traveling to this edinburgh scottland for a few days, it saying 60f to low 40f with rain and I imagine wind ?..

What should me as a male wear? / Bring with me? Thanks, I am new to travel so trying to only bring what I need.

I live on east coast USA.

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You'll always want layers in Scotland. I usually had an Under Armour T-shirt, a light pullover and a light rain/wind resistant jacket with a hood, and water proof hikers (but the hikers are my daily wear anyway). The layers can be added and subtracted as needed.

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Would like a jeans/chinos, normal active basketball/running shoes and maybe a pear of leather boots ( or def not the active shoes (running/basketball esc type ??) .. and then a windproof rainproof bomber jacket and umbrella/sweatshirt for hood.. and then like a tshirt, sweater for layers okay ?

is 60f /40f with 15mph cold? I am so bad at judging.

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Any weather forecast for a month away is a total guess, little more than speculation, whatever it's source. A week advance forecast is more like it, and even that is no more than a rough guide.
Five days of rain in September in Edinburgh would be unusual and no, rain is not always accompanied by wind.

Bring layers for what could equally turn out to be an 'Indian Summer' that week.

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is 60f /40f with 15mph cold? I am so bad at judging.

It's not cold where I come from. It's the wind that will get you, 15mph is a moderate breeze but the later in the season you go, the cooler it can feel. The windbreaker will be your best friend. As for footwear, where are you going. If you're staying in a city, you'll be fine, maybe some wet feet if there is a downpour, but if you plan on some hiking, you'll appreciate something with a bit more traction.

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Whether or not those temperatures seem cold to you will partly depend on what you're used to. Rain, wind, 40's and 50's is definitely too cold for me to find it comfortable, but where I live it will still likely be in the 90's in Sept. Regardless, you need to take a really good rain jacket.

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Regarding this that you said, "maybe a pear of leather boots".......

If you mean leather boots such as dingo boots or cowboy/western wear type boots with a smooth, slick sole on the bottom, then no, don't even bother taking them.
Wet pavement during a light rain will make these slick on the bottom. Edinburgh has some sidewalks that are smooth stone, plus cobblestones in other places.
These boots would be the worst thing possible to wear on cobblestones.
Edinburgh Castle has lots of stone stairs, making it dangerous to wear a boot with a smooth bottom. If you slip and fall on these stairs, you could fall all the way to the bottom of the stone staircase.
Likewise, many steep staircases in Edinburgh take you from one street down to another.

Ditch the leather boots, unless they have a tread on the bottom similar to hiking boots. Take running shoes, hiking boots, tennis shoes--anything would be better than a smooth bottom boot.

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I will be in Scotland and Edinburgh about the same time as you. Average temperatures for September are about 13 Celsius. I've been planning since spring when there were similar temperatures where I live to help plan my wardrobe. But from regularly checking southern Scotland weather it's a lot cloudier and higher potential for rain every day, so I'm bringing my rain jacket, small collapsible umbrella and layers. Cooler temperatures feel more so when it's damp. I'm taking rubber sole athletic shoes as I expect to be walking many miles/km each day.

From my experience travelling in England several decades ago, the weather is much more changeable in a day than what it is where I live and I would think it's similar in southern Scotland being a narrow island with two large oceans on the west and east side. As they say "four seasons in a day" and there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing choices. I'll still hope for little rain and a few sunny days.

East coast of USA is vague- Florida vs Maine.

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I am in virginia, So I am thinking then jeans/chinos. a good pair of boots with tread / or someother shoes that are waterproof with tread. A small ubmbrella, and a windbreaker and hood. Then layers just maybe go out with a t shirt and then sweater over that and a jacket over that. Gloves then as well.

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Forget the umbrella. They are a menace on busy streets and also useless if it is at all windy. Bring a waterproof top with a hood.

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No gloves - it isn't that cold or dreich.

Footwear doesn't have to be to waterproof - just not made of paper.

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September - checking my calendar, it's dress as Rob Roy (for women) and for men it is Flora Macdonald on a bad hair day month.

Ah, yup the temps will be mid teens. It can be very summery or clearly autumn is approaching. So layers, equivalents to rugby shirts. Comfortable shoes with good grips as others have pointed out it is an old city with a lot of steps that can get seriously slippery when wet.

Having a look at the climate figures for Richmond, Virginia, on wikipedia, I'd say really what you would wear there in October is a good start.

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Yes, leave the umbrella at home.
It’ll be inside out in 30 seconds in Scotland!
Best thing in the rain is a waterproof…not resistant…proof…jacket with a good hood.
To keep the hood from falling over your eyes, a baseball cap under the hood will fix that.
A fleece jacket under the jacket will keep you warm.
Layers and more layers are the key for Scotland.

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I was in Edinburgh a few years ago at the same time that you’ll be there. I had nice sunny days as well as rainy ones. For the latter, my Helly Hansen rain coat and On Running waterproof trail runners served me well. Both were comfortable on the nice days, too. Merino wool socks are good for those temperatures. And I concur with others’ suggestions re: layers. Enjoy your trip!