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What's the best airline to Scotland?

Booked RS 13 day tour to Scotland starting 4/25/23. Not sure which airline to take out of Los Angeles to Scotland. Should I make reservations for 2 days earlier to get over jet lag? Suggestions and ccomments most welcomed. Thank you!

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Should I make reservations for 2 days earlier to get over jet lag

Excellent idea

What's the best airline to Scotland?

How do you define 'best'?

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Arriving two days early is a grand idea. Capital, sir!

Go to Google Flights, pick one that suits your schedule, and then check online reviews.

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Thank you for concurring about making a reservation 2 days earlier.

By 'Best', I mean which airline would you suggest using based on your own experiences. I have not flown in many years and I feel overwhelmed by the number of airlines and travel companies from which to choose.

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my favorite airline to the UK from LAX is Virgin Atlantic, although you will have to pass through Heathrow and take a connecting flight to Edinburgh from there. the premium economy class on Virgin makes the trip much less painful. I usually fly VA to UK and then connect to other destinations in Europe from there on British Airways- but my second choice from LAX is Delta. I didn't love the atmosphere on BA transAtlantic

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We fly via Seattle, so the choices seem to be limited to BA's longhaul flight to Heathrow, IcelandAir's long-ish haul flight, and UA and Delta, which make you connect through the East coast, often with two stops. I just sort the choices by "total flight duration" on a place like Orbitz or Kayak, then book directly with the airline. We've picked BA the last two trips.

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Yes, getting into Scotland a couple of days earlier is a good idea. This will help you get over jet lag and give you some room for any hiccups that might occur if a flight gets changed or canceled. I suggest you always book with the airline that way if you have any issues you are dealing with them directly and not a third-party site. By all means, you can search for flights that way but book through the airline. Also, I would not choose the cheapest option as this will give you no room for moving a flight if necessary. Book at least the main cabin option. There are not many direct flights from the US to Edinburgh. Some are only seasonal. Most flights will have you go through LHR. It is a 1.5-hour flight from LHR to Edinburgh but you may have to change terminals at LHR so keep that in mind when you look at times between flights. Getting from T3 to T5 can be time-consuming.
I tend to stick with Delta, AA, and United, in that order. Some will fly on codeshares such as Virgin, and BA. I would also pay more to have fewer connections.


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Flying from the west coast is different than the mid-west or east coast. If possible, choose the time saving path of a direct flight to Europe and then transfer to Edinburgh. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that airline might not be as important as the class of service you choose. Are you comfortable flying with limited space for 8-9 hours? Coach should work. Need a little more legroom? You can pay for extra legroom seats. Want more space period? Premium Economy. Want to relax and lay flat to sleep? Business.

You can look on airline websites and you tube and see the comparisons of the different classes of service.

You lose a day during your flight. Meaning you leave on the first, arrive on the second. If you want two full days before your tour, you will need to start your flight 3 days before.

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From the Baltimore area we fly British Airways to London then on to Edinburgh (EDI). There’s also a non-stop United flight from Dulles to EDI. Which airline you should take is up to you and where you’re flying from. If you have the time, adding a couple days at either end of the tour to get over jet lag or wind down can’t hurt.

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I believe your tour starts in Glasgow NOT Edinburgh. No reason to go to Edinburgh.

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I've used BA the last 14 times over to Scotland, but currently all their flights from PHL/BWI/EWR are routed through LHR. After the last two nightmarish experiences at LHR security, Mrs A and I have vowed never to travel through LHR again. Our June trip took the biscuit. We had what I thought was a long enough layover, but the security lines were so long and disorganized (the term "cattle chute" comes to mind) that we barely made our connecting flight to GLA. They were just closing the gate as we came running up.

So no more LHR. If BA comes up with a direct route from the US to GLA or EDI, then we'll probably stick with them. They do have the AARP discount. It ain't much, but every penny saved is a few more pennies to spend in the charity shops! :)

I hope that everyone finds airlines and flights to their liking.

Safe travels!

Mike (Auchterless)

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We're flying round trip to Glasgow next summer on Delta and it's partners KLM and AirFrance. Most Delta routing goes to Amsterdam then Glasgow. Flights from LAX, Salt Lake, Atlanta, etc. Don't know about economy prices but Premium and business class are about double what they were. Hoping for an improvement when it gets closer to the trip.

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Virgin Atlantic LAX to LHR. Take the overnight flight.
You’ll Arrive LHR around noon…

Then a short flight from LHR to EDI.

Do not believe there is a direct non stop flight from LAX to EDI.

Make note you’ll be tired, not exhausted. Its the time zone changes.

I fly LAX to LHR yearly. Still takes me a day at either end to re-adjust.

VA always has a variety of TV and movies to keep you entertained. Fly Premium Economy. Comfortable seats. You board after upper class and before Economy.

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I'm flying to Glasgow next spring on Delta (with partner KLM from AMS to GLA). I chose this over other options because the other options involved laying over at CDG, which I try to avoid if possible. AMS is generally an easy transfer (albeit some problems this summer).

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Has anyone flown Aer Lingus to Dublin then on to Glasgow?

We’ve used Aer Lingus several times without any problems. We particularly like going through customs in Dublin before our return home. This is much easier than navigating customs at OHARE airport in Chicago.

Thanks for your reply.