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What foods should we try in Scotland?

Planning a trip next year to Ireland, England & Scotland. What are some typical Scottish foods that we must try? Thanks!

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Suggest you also sample some great beers produced in Scotland....80 breweries or so, and of course, some single malts.

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Arbroath Smokies.

Venison however it comes. Sausages (lots of variations on a theme), venison burgers or venison in red wine sauce. Low in cholesterol and fat and very tasty.

Shortbread from Dean's of Huntly which is in my opinion the best shortbread in Scotland.

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this is an old thread from Trip advisor and I have nade a few contributions to it, the prices may be out of date but the info is relevant.
BTW I make a pretty good Cullin Skink.Haggis I eat a couple of times a month especially in the winter time but thats at home i would never eat it in a restaurant unless it was the staff canteen.
Please do try it and the Worlds End bar on the Royal Mile I it is close to where you are staying if I remember correctly) does a pretty good version with a whisky sauce ( I have taken a few visitor to try it there).

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Have a full Scottish breakfast with black pudding, potato scone, lorne sausage.

Haggis, but go slow. Start with haggis on something, rather than by itself, if you're not sure about it. It's nice fried and added to a burger or as a breakfast side or on a panini.

Cullen skink

Finnan haddie

Smoked salmon

If you're in Edinburgh, stop for a roast pork sandwich at Oink!

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Here's a second person recommending Arbroath Smokies. In addition to the scallops and the salmon try the mussels and prawns! No one has mentioned the cheese and you can get wonderful cheeses in Scotland. I have to say that I like Cock-a-leekie soup. I have been known to make it at home. And then there are scones and sticky toffee pudding. I expect the last two are claimed by both the English and the Scots.

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I would suggest looking for Haggis with your breakfast (our B&B had it as a side option) I would compare it to a meat hash, OK as a side, but probably not as a meal.

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My two favorites were Cullen Skink and the Sticky Toffee Pudding!

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Another Cullen Skink fan here, especially when served with bere bannock, but you may have to go to Orkney for that. Sticky toffee pudding is another must, but ask if it's home made. I did like haggis fried in balls sort of like hush puppies. And I loved the porridge (oatmeal), especially if it came in a box with this guy on it.

Aside: A little weird I know, but I took a bus to the Costco near Aberdeen. It was so much fun seeing what was in that store and taking pictures. I had a latte, but they did have hot dogs for £1.50.

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A couple of pastries/ baked bars to try: Fly Cemeteries: a sort of flaky pastry with raisins on it (Looking like flies.)
Sounds gross ,but is very nice.
Also: Millionaires Shortbread, a shortbread base, with caramel, then chocolate on top.
Soup, soup, and more soup!!!
Most big museums and galleries have a café ,which usually serves home made soups, bread and baking at good prices, at lunch times.

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Just fixed Cock-a-leekie soup for dinner tonight. The apartment smells heavenly.


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In Scotland do try least so you can say you tried it.. ;)
in England--- if you can get a really good meat pie...look up places on trip advisor before you go...

Forget the haggis - we did! The beef (steak pie) is excellent. Cheeses. Braised meat. Biscuit with fresh strawberries and cream. Sounds simple - but this is great to eat. Cask ales. Ginger beer - Crabbie's - with or without alcohol. Salmon. Mussels. Sticky Toffee Pudding! Lamb. Chinese food (joking here). In Inverness - sea bass at the Mustard seed restaurant. There are some fast food chains and ethnic foods like Polish and Lebanese kebabs. People "mock" fast food when traveling. But, I appreciate a cheap, simple meal during my travels to balance the gut/wallet busters.