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What Counts ?

We have a Spirit of Scotland (SOS) travel pas for 8 days over 15 calendar days. We note that the SOS may be used for the Edinburgh tram from the airport, the Glasgow subway, ferry travel to the west coast, etc.

If we use the SOS for the Edinburgh tram and the Glasgow subway--say for 3 days--will this "count" as 4 of our 8 days? Or is the 8 day limitation applicable to only train travel? Thanks for any help.

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The normal rule for rail passes is that any service that is covered (including cheap trams and subways) does start use of one of the counted travel days. So you would normally only take advantage of that coverage on a day that you can also use other covered services (until midnight). I've never had any reason to suspect different rules with this pass. You should receive a user guide when you first get the pass activated in Scotland.

Any service that just offers a percentage discount does not require using a counted travel day and is available any time within the validated 15-day window.