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What are the most dog friendly walks around Edinburgh?

We're visiting some of our family through in Edinburgh soon and this time we'll be taking our new dog (labrador) with us. They live near Meadowbank so we'll probably go to Holyrood Park. But there must be a lot of dog-friendly places we could go.
Any recommendations?

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It's the UK--everywhere is dog friendly! I'm trying to think of a place where I didn't see dogs! But, hey it looks like there are some places that are extra special for dogs Here's one pace to look. Another is here. Beaches are generally friendly.

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Portobello beach isn't far from Meadowbank so I'd go there - you're dog will love it !

Otherwise most places are great for dogs. I saw this blog post recently and it covers some of the best locations for all types of walkers including dog walkers.

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Maybe your family in Edinburgh could answer your query.