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Weather in June??

Hi All!!

I was wondering if wonderful advice givers could tell me what the weather is like in June?? I am trying to decide if a coat is needed or will long sleeve or short sleeves work best. I have read somewhere that the "normal" temp for that month is about the mid 60's. I usually don't get really chilly but want to be prepared. I am sure the temps in Scotland are far different than it is here in NC. We will be arriving mid June and visiting for 2 weeks, hitting Edinburgh, Oban. Inverness and Stirling and a few places in between. Any advice, as always, will be greatly appreciated!!!


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Oh, gosh, you need jacket any time of year in Scotland. :) I was there a few years ago and went from steaming heat in Amsterdam to shivering with my fleece and waterproof in Inverness Scotland the next day. The thing about Scotland is that the weather can change in a heartbeat. Those of us who grew up with continental weather have a hard time understanding maritime weather which is what you have in Scotland. The ocean is so close; the mountains can interrupt weather; It's just totally unreliable. :) Except that it will change. So, for a visit to Scotland, you need to think about layers. I always bring long sleeve shirts, but it's good to have some short-sleeved T-shirts to go under them. I bring a fleece and usually buy a sweater because I just love them. You'll need a waterproof jacket. Not water resistant, waterproof. I like hood so I don't have to mess with an umbrella, but I always have an umbrella too. :)


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Hi, Kathy,

I was in Scotland last year from late June to late July, and it was absolutely sweltering. There was only one day out of 30 when we needed anything heavier than a t-shirt. It was definitely "taps aff" weather! That doesn't mean to say that you won't encounter cold weather. We were over for a month about the same time in 2014, and my wife had to buy a winter jacket. Fortunately, it was on half price sale.

So bring whatever you feel comfortable wearing, with maybe a waterproof hooded jacket or parka thrown in for good measure, as Pam suggested. Whatever you need extra, you can find it in Scotland, and have the knowledge that you've contributed to the Scottish economy.


Mike (Auchterless)

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Impossible to predict. We were there in mid June 2017. I'd brought short sleeve tops, a light knit jacket and rain poncho. Contributed to the local economy by buying a fleece pullover. By the time we got to Hadrians wall and the lake district I'd given up on the poncho and bought a rain jacket. In retrospect I should have brought at least one base layer long sleeve t-shirt (32 Degrees is my favorite) and my Eddie Bauer packable rain jacket. Ponchos are a pain especially if you're going in and out of places and pulling it over your head.

Layers layers layers.

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Bring a jacket and layers of clothing to be added or subtracted as needed. Could be hot, could be chilly and wet, and cold if the wind is blowing. You could have mid's 60s, high humidity, with a cold wind from the north have a wind chill in the 50s. That would be uncomfortable.

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Scotland had a very unusual summer last year due to the European Heat wave. We were lucky enough to be there the first week of July and it was fabulous. But don't count on having good weather. It is likely to rain and be chilly if not cold at times even in June. The only thing you can predict is the daylight hours in Scotland. Sunrise around 4:30 am and sunset around 10:00 pm in June. I would pack some water resistant pants (thinking North Face or Columbia). long sleeve t-shirts, fleece, waterproof jacket, and some good athletic shoe, a couple pair of smart wool socks. Also a pair of comfortable sandals and a light canvas shoe for warm days. (I like ecco's) I would also pack short sleeve t-shirts/tops, cardigan.


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We were there in early June last year and it was 60's-very comfortable. We had brought long underwear and raingear and my daughter was not happy about lugging rainboots around but I was glad not to have to use those items.

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Plan for all kinds of one day! We were there for two weeks in July and I never wore shorts and a tee shirt. While at St Andrews I must have taken my jacket off and on at least ten times in one day! Be sure to pack good walking shoes that are waterproof.

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Here’s my weather experience last June on a Rick Steves Best of Scotland tour.

I’d recommend at minimum a waterproof jacket with hood. Umbrellas and ponchos are useless in the wind. Many on my tour were in coats the whole time. I’m pretty cold tolerant so was comfortable all except the wet/windy/stormy day to Mull and Iona.

I’d also recommend a pr of glove liners. They are light to pack and may be helpful.

I just got back from the RS Belgium and Holland tour. My newest favorite wardrobe pieces are Macys Ideology brand quarter zip dri-fit long sleeve shirts for layering and a puffy vest. Mine is a 32 degree brand from Costco from last year but there are many options. Both can be layered under my waterproof rain layer and with gloves can take me down to 32 degrees or below. This is overkill for Scotland but you may find it feels chillier than you are used to with the wind factor.

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You will certainly need some kind of lightweight rain jacket and lots of layers. Think four seasons in one day, although unlikely to snow! Mid 60s - yes maybe but there's always a breeze up here in the Highlands and Islands.

Jacqui (skyegirl)

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Oh my heavens. Scotland's weather can be crazy. All four seasons in a day as they say! When we went in June 2017 it rained, rained, and rained. We didn't let it bother us although every local we met actually commented on how much it was raining. I thought it was funny because I thought it was a very normal thing but Edinburgh Castle was flooding in parts so perhaps it was a bit more than normal. lol We did have some sunny days and mixed days. It did hit 78 one day but other than that it was a bit chilly low 60's. Nothing crazy. I wore my rain gear a lot. We packed rain pants and I did end up using them when we went hiking and it would start coming down. We packed our rain gear every day in a day bag just in case. We each had rain pants and a jacket. We also each had a fleece. I also brought a jean jacket which while not good for rain was great for lightly chilly dry evenings. Over all I found Scotland a pretty casual place so jeans or light weight traveling pants are a good bet.. Unfortunately, it is still a bit far out to tell. I would wait until about 5 days you are to leave to start looking at the long term forecast. Even with all the rain we had we still LOVED Scotland. While your in Stirling make sure to check out the Birds and the Bee's Pub! Have a great time.

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Thank you all for the great advice!! I have heard that you can get all 4 seasons in one day in Scotland:)) I am a winter baby, born in February, so I don't really get that cold unless it down in the 30's(or lower). I usually live in leggings or light jeans. I did buy some long sleeve tops and sweaters to wear over them. I bought a nice WATERPROOF jacket from Mountain Warehouse that I like, but not the pants. I am now rethinking that. I bought a really nice thick hoodie at the Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain this year that I believe I will take. I guess I could do like others and buy something warmer if needed while I am there. I do so appreciate all the advice from everyone!! My friend said to me today that she was nervous about what to wear. I said, "from all my travel forum "friends" they recommend - LAYERS, LAYERS. and LAYERS" :)))

I do have my waterproof shoes - Merrill's and they are comfortable, some JBU shoes that wear well and am thinking about taking a pair of my New Balance shoes. I just don't want to take to much though,

Again I appreciate all the help. As always, it is appreciated!!


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Check the weather forecast just before you leave at

I was there in June 2016 and one local said that the temperature on the 20 June had been the same as 20 December ie 12 degrees. We had daytime temperatures as low as 7 degrees. This week, northern Scotland is warmer than southern England. We had nothing but low clouds when we visited Skye - you couldn’t even see the other end of the beach!

As others have suggested, bring layers and something waterproof.