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We're Number 0ne! We're Number One!

Check out the new listing of world wide multi-day tours from Trip Advisor. Scotland is number one! Looks as though competing for lodging on Skye is going to be even more difficult this year, especially in Portree.

Mike (Auchterless)

Personally, I have a little bit of a problem with the description from the attached Rabbie's website:

"Pass Linlithgow Palace and the town of Stirling..."
"Enjoy glorious vistas of Loch Luibnaig..."
"Drive past Britain's highest mountain..."
"Trace the rugged coastline..."

Lots of nice action verbs, but nothing about stopping to enjoy the scenery. Nothing against Rabbie's Tours, but personally I prefer to take my time and see as much as possible at each location.

Really enjoyed this geographical faux pas:

"Follow the A830 or 'Road to the Isles' and wend through the beautiful Five Sisters of Kintail mountains toward the Isle of Skye...Stop to visit Eilean Donan Castle...Afterward, cross the bridge to Skye..."

Well, if you're on the A830, or "Road to the Isles," you're certainly not going to pass the Five Sisters or Eilean Donan, or cross the bridge to Skye.

Had a good chuckle at that one.

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It seems there was an editing error on the TripAdvisor site. If you visit, the same tour is described without referring specifically to a particular route.

Certainly this itinerary would feel rushed to anyone who likes to take their time and see as much as possible at each location. But it obviously suits a lot of people, as it, and all of Rabbie's tours, have very strong reviews.

We all have our own favorite ways of traveling. Some would love the style and pace of this tour. Some wouldn't. It's all good.

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Please take note that accommodations on Rabbies and others are not included in the cost of the tour. They will book them for you at your own cost. If you are still able to drive yourself and can read; I recommend designing your own tour. This allows you to take the road less traveled. We always travel by car if possible and it is not that hard to do and gives you a lot of freedom. Of course tours are a convenience for some and if I get much older I might enjoy someone else taking care of the details.