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Waverley to Haymarket help

We arrive at Waverley from York on a CrossCountry train. Our Airbnb is close to Haymarket so once we get to Waverley what do we need to do? I’m confused if there are trains I should take at Waverley to continue on to Haymarket or if I should take the tram? Where do I buy tickets/what tickets do I buy? I just want the process simply laid out for me as I will be with my elderly father and baby girl so want to know exactly what we need to do once we get off the train.
Thank you!

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Hi, nicoleyearout,

As you'll be with your elderly father and an infant, just take a taxi from Waverly directly to your Airbnb. You'd end up taking a taxi anyway from Haymarket, unless you've made other arrangements for pickup, and it wouldn't cost more than a few pounds extra, if that. The stations are not that far apart, geographically. Plus, you'll save the hassle of finding a connecting train, or making your way out to Princes Street to take the tram.

Best of luck,

Mike (Auchterless)

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I agree.
Much easier for you all to take a taxi.
Black cabs are right there in the station when you get off the train .
Enjoy Edinburgh!

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Thank you! I don’t know why I didn’t even think of a taxi! That does sound so much easier!
Thanks again :)