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WATERPROOF SHOES NEEDED? Heart of Scotland tour

I've seen a few too technical (brands, etc.) posts about waterproof shoes needed in Scotland.
Would appreciate hearing from any with prior experience (in Heart tour especially). Do we get wet, other than rainy days? I have worn my Keen sandals throughout many European trips. Too cold in N Scotland? Rugged soles they have and comfortable too. Hate to buy waterproof as my closet is full, but, if necessary.... Alan

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WE love the KEEN Targhee III WP - we wear it to Europe every-time we go. Super comfortable, WP, great support and traction. You can buy at Zappos, Amazon, Keen, or any store that sells Keen. They have reg tennis shoes or hightops - we have the reg ones.

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I did the Best of Scotland in June 2018. I have never been wetter than on the day to Iona. I knew we were in for it when the guide pulled out her rain pants, lol. I did not have waterproof shoes and although they got soaked I was able to dry them over night by removing the insoles and setting them under the heated towel rack.

That was the only bad day out of that tour plus a Southern England tour right prior.

So, take them if you have them (for the lurkers, lol) but you don’t have to buy them specifically if they won’t fit in your closet.

What month are you traveling? I’m cold tolerant but my feet would have been cold that June in sandals.

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I 100% recommend waterproof walking boots/closed shoes for Scotland no matter the season, and your favorite wool socks. Dry feet are happy feet! And you can't really trust the weather forecast- if it's dry in the morning it'll rain by afternoon. As well, when I walk through any sort of damp (grass, dirt track) I am very glad for my waterproof walking boots.

I'm speaking from present experience and many weeks spent in Scotland over the past 10 years, though I've not ever been on the tour you mention.

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Hear now the wise words of Nan. This post should be the go-to advice for footwear in Scotland!

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Having looked at the itinerary for the Heart of Scotland tour - i assume it is this one? - I think you will be fine with your Keen sandals, unless you are visiting in October. It's not as if you are doing serious hill walking across wet and boggy ground.. The only issue is if you get heavy rain (it can be heavy too...) and your tolerance of getting wet feet. You might want to pack a more substantial pair of trainer style footwear for wet days.

That is coming from someone who normally wears boots too!

Also you may also appreciate packing a lightweight waterproof top!

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I live in Scotland (on Skye) and don't think I've ever worn sandals since I've lived here (6 years). I wear Merrell walking shoes (waterproof) day to day and Merrell walking boots on the hills. My feet would be cold and wet in sandals even in summer.

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Been to Scotland several times and never needed waterproof shoes despite many rainy days. That said, however, take a pair of dry socks with you every day in your day pack in a zip lock bag . You may never need them, but if you do, they are worth their weight in gold.

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We just returned from 10 days in Scotland, and I was thankful to have closed-toed, waterproof boots with wool socks on several occasions. My husband wore his Ecco boots the entire time. I don't know that waterproof is an absolute necessity on your trip, but between rain, puddles, and cool temperatures, I wouldn't have wanted to be wearing sandals.

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I was in Scotland in mid June a few years ago and it got pretty cold at night and I froze. But, our two days in Edinburgh it was 85F during the day. Go figure. I bought shoes in England a few days earlier because my feet were soaked from the rain there. Go prepared for any kind of weather.