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Walking the West Highland Way

We will be taking 8 days to walk the West Highland Way later this summer. We are staying in lodges and having our bags delivered, so don't expect to be spending money except for lunches, dinners and whatever snacks may be available. My question -- generally, will we be able to use credit cards at many of these small places along the Way? In Berlin a few years ago, even some fairly established restaurants would only take cash. I am trying to anticipate how much cash to have on hand when we start the walk. Thank you in advance for your comments.

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We carry a daily allowance in cash just in case when we travel anywhere. We haven't reach the cashless society yet. You might be able to make phone transfers in more sophisticated places or even in some street markets.

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We used a booking service so all of our B&B lodging was pre-paid. The pubs (food and drink) accepted credit cards.

If you are self-booking, you could/should confirm payment requirments and plan your cash needs accordingly.

BTW. Kinghouse Hotel is temporarily (?) closed for renovation. Shuttle services are available but I don't know about payment or schedule.

Kingshouse Hotel

Please note that there are NO facilities available at Kingshouse, be
prepared with enough drinking water and supplies for this section of
the route. The nearest facilities available are at Glencoe Mountain

As the Kingshouse Hotel remains closed for refurbishment, we kindly
ask that visitors be aware of works and repairs on or around the site
at this time. The West Highland Way remains open and accessible but
care should be taken when passing through.

Various booking services have set up shuttle/taxi services for their clients.

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I would operate under the assumption that you'll need cash. Just carry your day's allotment of cash while you're walking, and hide the rest in your transported/locked bag. It'll be fine. We've done it lots of times.

Have a wonderful time!!

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Did you arrange your luggage transfer service through a booking service? (We used Contours Walking Holidays). I found that the booking services can provide local knowlege as to facilities including ATMs (or lack of) if you direct a specific query to the agency. Our tour packet included a matrix of locations vs facilities and cautions on the more primative stages requiring packet lunches.

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Thank you all for your replies. We did book with Contours; I will wait for the final packet of information from them before figuring cash needs along the Way.

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Contours sent our travel packets with guide book, maps and instructions to our first (Milngavie) B&B for our pickup on arrival. Contours e-mailed me advanced "electronic" copies of the informtion packet. I don't remember if advanced e-mailing the packet information was a standard procedure on at my request. (I believe that Contours mails the information packet to UK residents). You should confirm advanced availability of the information packet.