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Walking possible?

Hello everyone!
We need to pick up our rental car from Budget on Lancefield St. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express Theatreland on West Nile. Is it possible to walk there with a major motorway in the middle? We could get a taxi but love to walk if possible.
Thanks for any help.

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Assuming you are talking about Glasgow, then your walk is about 1.5 miles and not one that I personally would want to make. The motorway is not too much of an issue (google maps will offer you 3 different walking routes). It's just a lot of pavement pounding and if the weather is poor it will be a miserable walk.

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About 1.3 miles
Yes walkable.
Best route seems to be cutting down to Argyle St.
There are other crossings available to further north a couple of hundreds yards north

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Hi, Sherry,

A lot depends on whether you'll be carrying your luggage to Lancefield Street, or if you'll be leaving it at the HIE and picking it up after you've picked up the car. If you're planning to carry your luggage, I'd say take a taxi. There are a lot of streets to cross, and even though the walk is supposed to take 26 minutes, by the time you've waited for walk lights at intersections, it's going to be more like 45 minutes.

The best way to get from the HIE to Lancefield Street would be to head south on West Nile Street to Sauchiehall Street. Turn left on Sauchiehall Street and go past the Royal Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street turns right in front of the Concert Hall and becomes Buchanan Street. This is one of Glasgow's main shopping thoroughfares. Buchanan Street is a pedestrian precinct much of the way down to Argyle Street, so you won't have as many streets to cross and sidewalks to negotiate. Plus there are often some very talented buskers on Buchanan Street.

Once you get to Argyle Street, turn right. You'll cross Union Street, then go under the "Hielandman's Umbrella", which is where the Central Station concourse crosses Argyle Street. Once you reach the M8, look for a pedestrian walkway which will take you to the south side of the A814, and continue on Elliott Street to Lancefield Street.

Argyle Street is not pedestrian friendly going under the M8. If in doubt, ask a friendly local.

Your other option would be to take Union Street south to the Broomielaw, then follow the Broomielaw/Anderston Quay to Lancefield Street and turn right.

One of our regular contributors, MC, lives in Glasgow, so perhaps he can make some alternate suggestions, or advise which is the best way for pedestrians to take your route.

If you are driving back to your hotel, be careful, as Glasgow has a lot of one way streets and bus zones.

Very best wishes for your travels! You will love Glasgow!

Mike (Auchterless)

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Thank you everyone for such detailed answers!! I agree, it depends on the weather but it sounds like a taxi would perhaps be the safest option.