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Walkie Talkies in Scotland?

I got everything in order with Verizon for my phone while in Scotland in a week, but the customer service guy gave me a "tip." He said when traveling with others walkie talkies are good for communicating with each other. Has anyone ever heard of this? It seems like a waste or at least more trouble than it's worth.

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Walkie Talkies are generally used by hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts and the can work where cell phone coverage is lacking although they do suffer from distance and obstacle obstruction issues themselves.

Good ones are not cheap or light and require specific chargers which means additional weight and hassle. Unless you were suggesting extended remote outdoor activities or extensive time in cell deficient areas I'm not sure they make much more sense in Scotland than they do anywhere else.

I spent several days in Edinburgh and hiked across the Highlands for a week and I don't remember seeing anyone using them so it's not a widespread "Scottish thing" in my (limited) experience.

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Where were you planning to buy them?
You don't say where you come from. The frequencies used in the EU are not the same as used in some other parts of the world. If you buy them where you come from, you may find they are using the wrong frequencies, are technically illegal and you are causing interference to somebody else (like the local taxi firm!).
Buy them in Scotland, or somewhere else in the EU.

And yes, walkie-talkies are good if you are in open countryside, where there is no phone coverage, say hiking over mountains. In cities, with buildings, the have limited range.