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US State Department Travel Advisory --- United Kingdom --- Level 4: Do Not Travel

I have plans to travel to Edinburgh with daytrips to other surrounding locations 6/28/21 - 7/13/21. I know its impossible to predict what it will be like then. Given that, what is the "tourist scene" in Scotland right now? Is anything open --- pubs, restaurants/eateries, stores, distilleries, museums, churches, etc.? What is happening with train transportation? Is Uber operating?

What are the current restrictions upon entering and leaving the country?


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Here's the official Scotland website on Coronavirus.

Scroll down to see the estimated dates of changing levels.

If you arrived today, you would have to quarantine for 10 days. What will be on June 28 is anyone's guess. is the estimated timetable for Scotland openings:

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We haven’t been able to travel from England to Scotland since lockdown started early in January, but this should be relaxed next week. There is no tourist scene right now, as we are only just starting to come out of lockdown. You can’t stay away from home for a night at present.

Non essential travel isn’t recommended at present and public transport use should be minimised, but this may change by the summer.

Scotland has cracked down quicker than England if any Covid outbreaks have occurred, introducing local lockdowns. We have been told that masks indoors will be with us for months, as will social distancing, so museums etc will have restricted numbers and timed entries. Many events, including outdoor events such as Highland games have already been cancelled for the summer.

Last year, some eating or drinking establishments didn’t reopen, as they weren’t viable with 2m social distancing. You will need to have a mobile phone to enter most buildings for track and trace - if you are pinged, you will have to quarantine for 10-14 days.

Uber services are currently limited in Scotland - just in Glasgow and Edinburgh. You will need to wear a mask in a cab.

Things should ease by the summer, subject to no new Covid variants taking hold. It’s difficult to predict more than a week ahead at present. Rule relaxations usually take longer than anticipated, but clampdowns happen quickly, so be prepared.

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We were hoping to take the RS Best of Scotland Tour on August 22nd, but as of this morning that has been pulled from the website. We still hope to go more independently and have been following the link posted by ramblin' on. Good luck everyone!

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I can only comment on the Isle of Skye, as I have not been off the island in over a year. However, businesses are preparing for a cautious reopening, in line with the Scottish Government advice (that has already been linked to earlier in this thread). Most B&Bs that I know of are planning to reopen gradually from mid May onwards, but social distancing requirements mean that they may not be able to open all their rooms (this is certainly true for me for example). Restaurants will have lower capacity, so here on Skye that will mean that the already busy restaurant scene is likely to be even busier and it could be hard to get a table. Trains are running on the mainland (we don't have trains on the island) but social distancing is in place.

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