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Uk passport stamps question.

Are all of your passport destination stamps gone when issued a new passport? Thanks

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Since you haven't completed your profile I can't tell what passport you hold - Indian, Australian, British, Canadian or any other, and I don't know the procedure for any other copuntries than the US and UK.

In both the US and the UK your old passport is punched through and cancelled and a completely new one is issued. Everything that was in your previous passport stays in your previous passport and is not carried forward to your new one.

Computers in the countries you have previously visited, including your issuing country, will still have computer records they have made as you cross borders.

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To clarify.
As Nigel says the procedure varies from country-to-country, but, at least for UK passports, your old passport is cancelled and then handed back to you with your new passport. If you have any stamps or visas in your old passport which are still valid, you can then show both your new and old passport to the border officials.

Many countries do not stamp the passport of their own citizens. Citizens of EU/Schengen countries have a legal right to travel to other EU/Schengen countries without time restriction, cand an use national ID cards to do so. So these countries never stamp passports of other EU/Schengen citizens.