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Uber in Edinburgh

Has anyone used Uber in Edinburgh, especially using from airport to downtown destination, our Airbnb is near Base of Arthur’s Seat?

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Yes...just last week. There are specific pick-up zones at Edinburgh airport for all cars and taxis, including Uber. Clearly marked signs. We also used Uber frequently around the city and never had to wait more than 2 minutes...there are lots of people driving there and it's easy. I even summoned one and the guy was literally parked right in front of me at the curb.

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Hello Anita,
Do you use the same app there as here?
Or is there a Scotland Uber app that needs to be fired-up?

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Anita, how much did it cost from airport to downtown? And what was typical price for trips throughout the city?

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3319 posts is the same app that you use here in the US. The GPS picks up where you are and just uses that to find drivers for you. It pops up a map just like it does at home and shows you where cars are and shows the car you ordered coming your way. It's like magic in my opinion!
We paid 21.41 GBP between Leith and the airport. Around town I never paid more than 5 GBP even with surge charges due to New's a fairly small city and you can't go too far in any direction.
You don't really need to use data to use Uber long as you have access to wifi, which is everywhere, you won't incur data charges. Just find wifi, order up a car, and, once you lost the wifi signal, it will still show everything on the app since it runs on GPS. You can still keep your phone in airplane mode and not lose functionality of the Uber app once you enter a "session".

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Anita — thanks for the tip and info on being able to stay connected once you've connected via WiFi. I've learned something new!