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Trossach National Park visit

We are planning a driving trip in Scotland and will drive from Fort William to the Edinburgh airport for our return. Can anyone tell me how much time we should allow to drive through the Trossach National Park? We have been to Loch Lomond before and thru part of the park but on a very quick bus tour. This time we want to be able to stop when we like. We can either spend one day or two days getting from Fort William to the airport. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I spent a lovely day on Loch Katrine. There is a steamboat that takes you out to the far end of the Loch. You can then either stay on the boat to return or many had rented bikes when they bought their ticket and biked back along the south side of the loch.

Also, a bit north of Loch Katrine is Balquhidder Glen. Rob Roy's grave is at the head of the Glen and there is a lovely albeit pricey hotel down the glen. At the end of the glen were walking trails.

Here's a nice walk through Glen Ogle.

I wish I had known about this Bird of Prey Trail when I visited.

I have friends who did this walk and enjoyed it. Conic Hill.

I enjoyed my visit to Inchmahome Priory. You take a boat out to the island. When I went there were hordes of fisherman waiting to go out in these little boats. Historic Scotland provides your ride.

I've kept you on the east side of Loch Lomond. It's a very pretty area and so close to Edinburgh and Glasgow.


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adding to Pam's comment, the eastern side of Loch Lomond is much less touristy, less visited, so worth seeing if you can. It is also much, much more difficult to get around.

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Thanks, Pam, for all the suggestions. Lake Katrine sounds very interesting. MC, what did you mean when you said the east side was difficult? Are you talking about the roads and that we'll need more time to get places?

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Judy, that is basically the sum of it. The main transport is to the west of the loch, the roads on the eastern side are narrower and more circuitous.