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trip to Isle of Skye


We are planning to visit Scotland with my daughter at the beginning of March. We have from the 2 to 6 of March. We were planning to fly from London to Inverness and then take it from there to visit the scenery. The question is, how to do it. Is it too cold to go at that time, is it advisable to rent a car or are there tours we can take from there.

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the weather could be anything - snow, wet and windy, or mild(ish)

best rent a car if you can

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Question, are you in London on the 2nd, or are you already in Inverness on the 2nd? Do you have your flights booked yet? I'm not sure how difficult it is to get a flight to Inverness from London. I would assume they don't go from Heathrow so an airport change is probably in order. If you are going to start in Inverness, I would recommend renting a car and driving south towards either Edinburgh, or Glasgow to fly out from one of those two locations. You can cover a lot more ground this way. If you want to stay in the north and take day tours then check this site:
I think it will all depend on your flights, though, so I would take a look at that first, then decide.

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I would strongly suggest renting a car in Inverness. My mother and I also tried to do tours, but it was difficult. A car means you can pull over at any time and go "wow sheep!" and stop and take a break.

Hi Ingrid

There are only private tours available from Inverness to Skye in early March. Coach operators start slightly later.

To clarify some of the points another poster made.

It is very easy to get to Inverness by flight (Gatwick and Luton). Heathrow flights are going to start in May.

The website listed won't have any tours for that time in March starting from Inverness. It is fact just an agent's website and not a tour operator. The tour operator in question is Highland Experience tours - their 2016 tours start March 21st. The other tour operator out of Inverness is WOW Scotland Tours - their summer schedule starts April 9th.

So, in summary - only way to do it from Inverness at that time of year is to a) rent a car b) take a private tour (there are quite a few companies which offer these - check out TripAdvisor).

Hope this helps!