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Trip insurance?

Hi all!

Any suggestions on best place or company to buy trip insurance from?


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There has been a few pretty good threads just recently. I went with GeoBlue. It was $134.00 for a 2 week trip to Scotland for the hubby and I, we are 40 and 53.

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What kind of trip insurance do you want? There is medical/evacuation only, which is what GeoBlue sells, or trip cancellation/ interruption and lost baggage combined with medical and evacuation, which is sold by Allianz, AIG, Travel Guard, and others. To choose among the latter, I recommend going to and put in your dates, trip cost, age, etc. and it will show lots of policies. You can choose the one with the price/coverage you like the best..

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Since you are employed and (I assume) have medical insurance, first call your insurance company to see what coverage you have. Chances are they will cover medical, maybe evacuation, but best to check first. Also, know this: with the Coronavirus there have been some questions about coverage if, for example, you just get worried, want to cancel, are not sick, have non-refundable costs. Chances are you will not be covered unless you buy a policy that has a “cancel for any reason” waiver. Those are pricey.

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Agree with Lola's advice. Do your research for what meets your needs. As Suki mentioned we too have used Travel Guard for many years. For us we prefer the pre-existing plan, trip interruption and medical evacuation. We like the Gold Plan. Fees will also depend on what State you live, as well as age.

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Thank you everyone for the great advice and suggestions!!
I have never purchased trip insurance before, guess I have been lucky, but then I have never traveled internationally until recently. My next trip will be next summer instead of this one, due to going to work at Yellowstone for the upcoming summer months, another new adventure :))
I will check out the sites!! Everyone, your help is greatly appreciated !!!!