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Tree Runner shoes for Scotland in June

Hello everyone,
I've read a lot of good reviews for the All Bird Tree Runners and am contemplating purchasing a pair. My question is whether I should get the regular Runners, which are not waterproof but dry out quickly, or the "Mizzle" version that is wool and waterproof. I've read that the temps will be cooler than I'm used to (in Indiana) in June and that rainy weather is almost a certainty. The more I type, the more I feel like I'm answering my own question, lol!

Does anyone have the Wool Runner Mizzle and can report on how waterproof they really are? Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide!


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Hi Tammy, I can't comment on the Mizzle version, but I wanted to add that I have multiple pairs of the Tree Runners and Skippers and they are the BEST shoes. So comfortable (I don't wear socks) yet stylish. I don't wear mine out in the heavy rain (drizzle has been fine), so I would recommend something different for those very rainy days but I just wanted to throw in my support for All Birds in general. Fantastic company and customer service as well. If you are a half size, go up (I am a 7.5 but wear size 8 in All Birds).

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Allbirds makes a very good shoe. I have a pair of the wool runners that I used in China last September. Even handled a full hike to the top of the Great Wall.

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Even if you're not caught out walking in a downpour, the likelihood of your walking in wet grass and through puddles on pavement is about 100%. Even so-called waterproof footwear can get soggy, so be sure to bring extra socks. Ideally also bring a little pair of slippers to wear inside the hotel so your feet can be warm and dry.