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Traveling to Edinburgh Castle from Liverpool


Just wondering. So I be in Liverpool for about 4 days and I was wondering is it feasible to go to Edinburgh Castle and back in a day or so. It seems that driving or train would take me about 4 hours so I was wondering can I make it there early enough to see it and then hop on the train back to Liverpool at night time. There's some much to do in the UK and so little time.

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Susy, sorry you are so spoilt for choice, you will just have to stay longer or come back another day!
No, I would not 'do' Edinburgh castle as a day trip. Too rushed and there is so much to see in Edinburgh it would be a waste of travelling time.
"in Liverpool for about 4 days" - is this your complete stay in the UK? I would choose places nearer for such limited time.

  • Chester (at the end of the Liverpool suburban rail system), old city.
  • Lake District (if you want countryside, but needs 2-3 days to wind down and appreciate it).
  • North Wales (Conwy etc.) day trip from Liverpool.
  • York. Also day trip range. Ticks every box: Roman + Viking + Medieval + 17th century city with city walls, cathedral, medieval streets, national railway museum.
  • Plus lots lots more. Google: Places to visit in Lancashire
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its possible to do Liverpool to Edinburgh as a day trip; for example

leave Liverpool 05.32 arrive in Edinburgh 09.30
leave Edinburgh 18.53 arrive in Liverpool 22.54

a long day - up to you

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I traveled from Edinburgh to Liverpool by rail once a few years ago. I would not want to do a round trip in one day. You need to plan a second trip. :)

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Agree with the others. It may be humanly possible to travel Liverpool-Edinburgh and back in one day, but to have time to actually see the castle too? Not really.

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I have family in Liverpool and travel from Edinburgh to there and back several times a year,it is a 4 hour journey by car or train but certainly if visiting Edinburgh from Liverpool I would use the train, it is a fairly long return journey with at least one change of train each way and can be expensive unless you get a good deal.Once in the train station in Edinburgh it is only a 10 minute walk up to the castle but to do this as a day trip is only feasible if you are prepared to have a long day. If you are travelling on your own I certainly would consider it, if with a group and especially with kids I would say no.