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Traveling in Scotland in March

Has anyone traveled in Scotland during March? I'm looking on going in the beginning of the month. What's the weather like during that time frame? Planning on staying in Edinburgh and the traveling to Glasgow, Stirling etc. Thanks for any responses.

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we have a saying in Scotland about the Month of March In Like a Lion out like a Lamb,In like a Lamb out like a Lion.
it really is impossible to say what the weather will be like but be prepared for wet and windy weather, might even be some snow but in March it tends not to be around long. we have had a very mild winter so far so I am not hopefully for the later half of the winter to be as mild. temps can get a bit cold but not below freezing during the day but can get close to it can also get close to the higher teens centigrade as well during the day,hope for the best plan for the worst.

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My daughter and I will be in Scotland the 1-2 week of March. We are planning to pack down jacket, wool sweaters, waterproof footwear/insulated, hats, scarves and gloves. it's still winter in Europe, so I'd expect colder temps. We will be in the same places as you....adding a tour of the Highlands from Inverness, out to Colloden etc.

I'm figuring we'll experience some rain or a bit of snow, and the temps will feel colder since it's more humid then were we live.
We just plan to be prepared for anything cold weather related...

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Plan to freeze..well depending where you are from. The weather is usually in the high 30's to low 40's, with an occasional 45-47....Can rain, may frost or snow depending upon how high of an altitude you plan on going. Like they say if you want to know the weather for a particular day just walk outside, its very inclement.

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I visited Scotland in March 2 years ago and my last-minute decision to wear my heavy long down winter coat instead of relying on a heavy sweater and windbreaker was the best decision of my life. Without that coat I would have been so cold that I would not have been able to stand being outside nearly as much. With it I was fine. I still remember how the wind at Edinburgh Castle nearly knocked me off my feet, and how cold and rainy it was in Ayr. March is a great time to go as long as you are prepared with a proper heavy coat and gloves!