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travel to Normandy beaches from Scotland

Playing golf for a week in St. Andrews area and want to visit Normandy beaches where my Father landed. I haven't bought airline tickets yet and wonder what you suggest. Flexible dates on either end but playing golf July 28 -Aug 2nd. Should I fly in and out of London? This is my first trip to Europe and I don't know where to start in planning (other than the golf, of course!!).
Suggestions/info greatly appreciated.

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After Golf:

  1. Fly Turnhouse to Paris.

  2. Go to beaches by train or car.

  3. See beaches alone or on tour.

  4. Get back to Paris.

  5. Fly home.

That's the skeleton. There's several ways to add flesh.

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Ed's reply is the obvious and sensible thing to in this situation - train to Edinburgh and fly to Paris.
Here's a link to getting to Normandy beaches from Paris after flying there and transferring to the city:

But if I could suggest a completely crazy and impractical approach to this trip I'd ask you think about this:
After you get to Edinburgh rather than fly to Paris you train to Portsmouth. That would mean train Edinburgh to London, change stations in London and then train to Portsmouth. (Scotrail is estimating 55-75 pounds advance purchase and about 7.5 hours for this journey with changes.)

So essentially I'm suggesting that you realistically spend essentially a day training and connecting from Scotland the very southern tip of England which is crazy. But the reason I'm suggesting this crazy plan is because if you do you could visit the DDay museum in Portsmouth and take the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen (~28 pounds and 6 hours) which is the closest you could come to recreating the cross channel trip your father made all those years ago.

If you're not that seasoned a traveler or the whimsy of this idea doesn't grab then stick to the sensible straightforward plan.

Anyway - just a crazy thought - have a great trip whatever you do,

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Have you thought about open jaw ticket, flying in to Edinburgh and home from Paris? Not sure where your located, but sometimes Heathrow is more expensive. Also, my 6'2", 220 lb. husband did not appreciate be squished in 2nd class seat for a 5 hr. train ride after flying from west coast U.S. to Heathrow.