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travel tips to get around

We are travelling from Canada arriving in Glasgow early on May 16th. We would like to go to Tobermory, taking train to Oban and then catching ferry to Cragnure all on the same day. We are wondering if this itinerary works, any help would be appreciated. Two nights in Tobermory, two nights in Inverness, three nights in Edinburg with day trip to Stirling castle, three nights in Gretna to visit relatives. We are then leaving for Ireland and not sure if we should take bus or fly to Berlin or Dublin. We are planning on using public transportation (in our 60's and do not want to drive on opposite side of road.

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There is bus service on Mull. But I find it limited. Try plotting out your trip and decide if you really want to spend your vacation waiting for buses. Alternatively, you could book taxi's. If it were me, I would pick up a car at the airport in Glasgow and drive up to Mull. It is a big island and I think that the flexibility of a car is helpful. You can then drive to Inverness. Public transit would require that you go by bus. Granted this is the winter schedule so life should improve in the summer, but take a look at this schedule. There are two buses to Fort William, one at 8:40 and one at 4:40 and this is from Oban. So you need to have gotten from Tobermory down to the ferry in time to catch the bus in Oban (Check the ferry link and you will likely need a taxi.) They you will change buses in Fort William and again in Invergarry to arrive in Inverness just after noon. I would drive. :)

It you really don't want to drive, then I would really recommend that you look into booking tours. BTW driving on the opposite side of the road in the countryside is vastly different than driving in London or other urban areas. I tried it for the first time when I was nearly 50 and have been driving in the UK for over ten years now and while I would NEVER drive in London, Scotland is a different story altogether.