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Travel from Ireland to Scotland

I am planning to travel from Ireland to Northern Ireland to England. Am thinking of leaving Belfast for Scotland, mainly to see Loch Ness and then to Edinburgh.

Any thoughts? Should I go from Belfast to Glasgow? A ferry from Belfast to somewhere else?

Thoughts or suggestions? Have never been out of US.

Thank you all

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Are you actually going to go to England or simply bypass it and go straight to Scotland?

Personally I wouldn't go all that way just to see Loch Ness, it's something and nothing really. Without the fable I'm sure most people would pass by as they would any other loch or lake.

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I was actually going to Ireland first, and then go from Northern Ireland to Scotland and then head south to England. I then hope to go to Paris after a week in England.
I did look at a map and Loch Ness is pretty far up there.

Thank you,

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Flybe airlines flies from Belfast City airport right to Inverness airport, if you want the fastest way between these two places.

How did I learn this? I used a great trick I learned on this forum. The Wikipedia page for an airport will have all the airlines and destinations served by that airport. Here's the page for Inverness airport:

Note that Belfast has two airports - City and International. If you want to see all your options, check them both.

Note also that not all fights are daily. To find actual flights for your travel dates, use Skyscanner: