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Travel From Edinburgh Airport To St. Andrews

We are heading to the Fairmont in St. Andrews Scotland directly from the Edinburgh Airport. Looks like you can take a taxi at about $140/person. We'd like to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible, but thought there might be more cost-effective options. Looks like the train option takes us to the Leuchars Railway Station, which is about 5 miles from St. Andrews. Not sure if the train station at the Edinburgh Airport is on premise or if we taxi or train to it? Not sure if there is a direct "point-to-point" bus from the Edinburgh Airport to Leuchars Railway Station? Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jay Stern

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There is a bus that leaves directly from the airport. Take it to the ferry toll park and ride and transfer to the bus ( best one is the X59) to St Andrews. Pay the bus driver for the complete ride when you get on the first bus. He can make change. Luggage can go under the bus. The ride and transfer will take about two hours.