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Travel from Belfast to Glasgow

What are the options for travel from Belfast, Ireland to Glasgow, Scotland? Costs, duration etc.
Thank you.

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CityLink has a service by bus and ferry between Glasgow and Belfast--ferry between Cairnryan and Belfast, bus between Glasgow and Cairnryan. Trip takes about 5 hours, advance ticket is 28 GBP.

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When do you plan on going? Random search shows that on Sept. 4, 2021 you can fly one way from Belfast to Glasgow for $60. It's a 45 minute flight.

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The ferries have been running on reduced capacity due to Covid. I would fly, which is quicker. Booking further in advance will be cheaper. The cost will vary depending on when you are travelling. is a useful resource for looking at route options.

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We did the ferry as a part of a package tour.... just before the halfway point we turned around due to an announced "medical emergency of a passenger " turning a five hour trip into a 9 hr trip.... not sure I'd risk that again

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Belfast is not in Ireland it is in Northern Ireland United Kingdom and you are far better flying to Glasgow try easyjet

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Yes, please do not be confused about N Ireland where Belfast is located and Ireland.

Research “The Troubles” to see why.

You’ll need to have British Pounds to spend in Belfast and Euros in Ireland.

Enjoy your trip.

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Nothing to be confused about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is made up of
*Northern Ireland, whilst all people from the UK as a whole are British we are also Scottish Welsh,English or Northern Irish
so I am British but i am also Northern Irish, just like a Texan is a Texan and a californian is calfornian but both are american same here ..hope that clears up any misunderstanding "Ireland" is the constitutional name of the Republic of Ireland if referring to the island geographically its better to say "island of Ireland" instead