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Travel Dublin to Glasgow

Hi, we're planning a trip in June that goes from the US to Dublin where we will spend a week. After a week in Ireland we are flying from Dublin to Glasgow (one way, our return flight is part of the original airfare and we are flying from Edinburgh to Dublin to the US for that part). How early do we need to get to the Dublin airport and what, if anything, special do we need to do? This is our first trip overseas so we appreciate any information you share. thanks!

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Flying from Dublin to Glasgow is like taking a domestic flight in the US. When you arrive in Glasgow, you will not have to go through immigration and customs. You just walk off the plane and go on your way. (This is due to a special agreement between Ireland and the UK.) But you should still have your passport available to show the gate agent in Dublin. Two hours should be enough time.

However, the other way is different. For your return to the US, you will go through US customs and immigration at the Dublin Airport before you get on the plane. This will also include TSA security. Make sure you have plenty of time. (This is known as pre-clearance.)

This flight connection guide from Dublin Airport will help:

The good part is when you land back in the US, you just walk off the plane and go like a domestic flight.

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The only thing to worry about for Dublin to Glasgow is which airline you are flying and whether there are strict limits on the cabin (carry on) bags, checked bags and seat selection. Since this is your first international trip you may not be aware of the fees low cost airlines charge for such things.

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I'll definitely take a look. At this point I believe it will be a flight on Aer Lingus.