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Travel adaptor/voltage converter

Hi all!

Can anyone tell me where I can buy a travel adaptor/voltage converter for Scotland?? I read that I will need one. Also, What about a car charger for a cell phone? I am buying last minute items for my trip. Your advice and suggestions are, as always, very welcome!!!!


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What electronics will you be taking? It is unlikely you will need a CONVERTER- most things people like to bring are dual/multil voltage, meaning they can handle use in the US and Europe. It should say something like "input 110-240v". Most cell phone chargers, computers, cameras etc are this. But not all items are, so be sure to look.
If you do need a converter, I can't help you as I've never used one.

Assuming all your items are OK on this front, you do need an ADAPTER. The wall sockets are different and your plugs won't fit without them. SOMETHING LIKE THIS, buy more than you think you will need because they get lost, I think I've seen them cheaper elsewhere, but that's the first link I saw. Note that the UK (including Scotland) is not the same as continental Europe so don't buy ones that just say Europe.

Car charger for phone - I have not rented a car in Scotland. Many cars have a USB input (just plug the USB cord into the car) but not all cars. In other countries I've been able to use a cigarette lighter charger from home. LIKE THIS.
Another option is a portable charger that can charge your phone in the car or in your backpack. Charge it at night in the hotel and then you can charge your phone anywhere, not just the car LIKE THIS

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We use the Rick Steves adaptors with no problems. RS Store has best price.

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to re-iterate
1) For most appliances (phone/tablet/camera chargers) you DON'T need a convereter, only an adapter. You need to look on the plate on the charger to check.
2) Scotland is part of the UK (this website erroneously lists it as a separate country), UK plugs and sockets are different to most of the rest of Europe, you will need a UK-adapter, not a "Europe" one.
3) Car chargers are the same the world over, bring one from home.
4) Enjoy your trip.

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Hi, Kathy,

To confirm what everyone else has told you, yes, you'll need an adapter. British electrical outlets are three pronged, and incompatible with anything you'll find in the U.S. If the electrical items that you are bringing to Scotland will work on both 110 and 220/240 volts, then an adapter is all you'll need. That would work for things like battery chargers. However, if you're bringing something like a hair dryer, then you'll definitely need a converter. Expect to pay at least $30.00 for a converter. If you're paying less, it's probably just an adapter.

Because of the circuitry need to convert 110 v to 220/240 v, your converter is going to weigh about a pound. I have an old Franzus converter which I bought about 30 years ago, and I've loaned it to friends who have traveled all over the world. It hasn't fried anything yet, so my friends are still friends!

If anything that you're bringing to Scotland has a three pronged electrical cord (two standard prongs plus a ground prong), then in addition to your US to UK adapter, you're also going to need a three to two prong adapter. You can find one in any hardware store for less than $2.00.

Although you can find voltage converters in Scotland, if you do need one, you'd be better off buying it here. As far as car chargers, most hired cars have a power point (like a cigarette lighter) for plugging in cell phone chargers, CD players, and the like. They are 12 volts, just like the ones here in the US, so your car charger will work in Scotland as well.

Hope that's helping.

Mike (Auchterless)

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Lowe’s, Home depot, luggage store or luggage depart in a department store should all have them. As already stated, if the electronic items are all dual voltage, you just need the adapter. I haven’t had to use a converter for a few years.

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Thanks everyone for all the advice!! I am looking to finally buy!!! I do believe I now have about everything I need or wanted to buy before I left on my trip. I think the only thing left is a map or two and maybe spray for the Midges :))

Thanks again!!!