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Transportation Question

Hi, All-
Question- our airbnb is in Leith. Does anyone know if we can get a bus from the airport to Leith? Are we better off getting a bus to the train station in Edinburgh and then a taxi from there? I'll have Mom with me, so trying to make it as easy as possible. Thanks for any help.

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Use Google Maps to look up the address of your lodging. Do a "directions" search from the airport and/or the train station to the address. You'll get the options for public and private transport. Explore a bit to find the best one for you.

You can also use to do the same thing. It will have costs for the options, but the prices may not be totally accurate.

Last time I was in Edinburgh (2016) I stayed in the Leith area. I took a taxi from the Waverley train station to my B&B. Note that there's more than 1 train station in downtown Edinburgh.

If you Google train stations in Edinburgh, zero in on Waverley. Find Leith St. Follow it to Elm Row. Keep going on Elm Row and it turns into Leith Walk. It eventually ends up in, you guessed it, Leith.

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For two people, arriving jet lagged, and trying to make it easy, and not knowing exactly where you're going, take a taxi. It should be about £25-30.

More and more, I do this on arrival. As a fellow New Yorker, I totally understand the appeal of taking mass transit to the airport (I haven't used a taxi for the New York airports in years). But when I'm tired and don't know where I'm going, a taxi is well worth it, and for two people, the cost difference isn't as great as for a solo traveler like me.

Once you've dropped your bags, you can then take buses everywhere. I found that numerous buses go between Leith and central Edinburgh; Google Maps was very handy in showing me the next one, even on different lines from different stops a block or two apart. A day pass for the buses is £4 (cash only on the bus, no change given).

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Thanks for the invite, but I live in Rochester- too far of a drive!! 😩

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There are other Rick Steves fans in Rochester, but I haven't heard of a group. :( I do want to second the suggestion to take a taxi that first day from the airport to your hotel. I've found that it gets me off to a good start. :) Depending on where you are in Leith and how your schedule goes, you might find a visit to the Royal Yacht a lot of fun. There is also a tea room now! It's at the end of the tour.

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Thanks, Pamela, I agree that the taxi is a good idea! We will definitely see the Royal Yacht and the tea idea is wonderful!