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Transportation: Glasgow to Glencoe (Or another suggestion) to Oban

I am making last minute plans for Scotland. I arrive in Glasgow May 29 after a prior leg of my trip that has me in large cities so I am interested in a smaller village and would love to see the Highlands. So far my plan is to take a Rabbies tour to Sterling & Loch Lomand on May 30. May 31 I want to go to Glencoe for a couple of days before heading to Iona to checkin for a week at the Abbey on June 3. With this late planning, it is looking doubtful that I will find a room right in Glencoe so may need to rent a car (though I would prefer not to). If I rent a car in Glasgow, can I drop it off in Oban or would I need to drive back to Glasgow and then catch a train to Oban? And is that a reasonable thing to do or will I be eating up too much time getting from one place to the next? If Glencoe doesn't work out, do you have a suggestion of another way to 1) See the Highlands and 2) spend some time in a small village? Thanks

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If you can't find something at Glencoe try any of the villages on the way to Fort William.Theres regular buses reasonablely often
Citylink buses run Glasgow,to Fort William via Glencoe.
Or take the spectacular train trip to Fort William, maybe stay at Loch Ossian for a night. If you want a long ish hike theres a trail via Loch Trieg and Steall waterfall,to bring you out in Glen Nevis

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I didn't stay in Glencoe last June, just did it as a day trip. This is more of a moral support post. I did a day trip by the Citylink bus from Glasgow to Glencoe by myself and it was pretty easy. I wasn't so sure when I was standing by the side of the road waiting to catch the bus back to Glasgow from the Glencoe visitors center, bit it went very well. There are lots of people hiking along the route the bus uses, so there are lots of accommodations at the various stops. The staff at the bus station in Glasgow was very helpful in making sure I was in the right spot for the right bus.