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Transportation from Glasgow to Edinburgh

We are doing a Scotland tour in July 2015, and we are considering flying into Glasgow before joining the tour in Edinburgh. What is the best way for 4 of us to get from Glasgow to Edinburgh?

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Trains from Glasgow Queen Street station run every 15 minutes and take 50 minutes to Edinburgh for about $20 each way. With that frequency, you don't really need a train schedule, but How to Look Up Train Schedules and Routes Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it.

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Of course , Laura is absolutely right , Just a slight addition - there are a few daily runs from Glasgow Central .so your choice will depend on 1 ) where you are staying and 2) When you want to go . We went from Queen Street which was a block or so from our hotel , but see how the logistics work best . By the way , while you are in Glasgow , look at Central Station , it's magnificent , a sort of St; Pancras in Scotland .

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If you are going directly from the Glasgow airport, there is a bus that takes you to the Queens Street Station. You can buy your ticket on board r stop at the info booth just outside international baggage claim and immigration. They can point you to the right bus. It's very easy. I've never taken a taxi to Glasgow city centre.

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The bus is easy, fast, cheap. Public bus at Glasgow airport takes you to the bus station. Buses leave frequently for Edinburgh.

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The Citylink coach service mentioned above is a Scottish company and should not be confused with the Citylink in England which was a parcel delivery company and which went bust on Christmas Eve losing nearly 3,000 jobs.

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Thanks for all the replies. Great information that will help us plan the trip.

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Nigel - that's sad to hear about the English Citylink going under and taking 3,000 jobs with it . . . and on Christmas Eve, of all times! Don't mess with the Royal Mail ?!?!?