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Transportation from Edinburgh to Banff

I would like recommendations how to travel from Edinburgh to Banff, Scotland since there is no train all the way nor an efficient bus route. Thank you so much!

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Hi, jsnatale,

If you're relying on public transportation for the entire journey, you'll have to use a combination of train and bus.

Take the train to Aberdeen, where you'll switch to the Aberdeen to Inverness line. You can get off at either Keith or Elgin, and take the bus to Banff from there.

If you get off at Keith, you'd need to catch the 351 bus to Cullen, then switch to the 35 bus to Banff. The other option would be to get off in Elgin, then take the 35 bus from there. The advantage of the latter is that you wouldn't have to switch buses, and the 35 runs more frequently. I think that it runs once an hour on weekdays. The bus stop for the 35 bus is right across from the train station. Make sure you're getting on the eastbound bus for Banff. Someone at the train station would be able to direct you.

If you don't want to travel via Aberdeen, you could take the train directly to Inverness from Edinburgh, catch the train back to Elgin from there, than take the 35 bus as above.

The bus routes are serviced by Stagecoach North. However, the Keith to Banff route is serviced by Deveron Coaches, and doesn't run on weekends. For my money, I would travel from Edinburgh to Elgin by train, via Aberdeen, then hop on the 35 bus to Banff.

Your final option, given that Keith is closer to Banff than Elgin is, would be to get off at Keith, and hire a taxi.

Whatever you decide, safe travels!

Mike (auchterless)

p.s.: Uber is supposed to be starting up in Aberdeen some time this summer. That would be another, albeit expensive, option.

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Dear Mike,
Thank you so much! I'm currently checking out the various options you gave me, trying to find the most efficient, yet reasonably priced. You've been a huge help! Thanks again,

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Hi again, Sue,

Forget the Deveron 351 bus from Keith to Cullen. It only operates once a day, and only during the school year. So if you're traveling July or August, you'd need to take a taxi from Keith. Best to head on to Elgin, and take the 35 bus from there. There is also bus service from Aberdeen to Banff, which would most likely end up being cheaper than the train/bus option. It's also the Stagecoach 35 bus, which travels between Aberdeen and Elgin. Travel time is just over two hours.

The train station and bus station are right next to one another in Aberdeen. There's also a mall with a food court (Union Square) adjacent, if you have time to spare, and don't want to eat at the train station.

Once again, best wishes!

Mike (auchterless)