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transfers from Heathrow to London City Airport - our flight from Edinburgh is from that airport

Our flight from Dallas arrives in Heathrow but we need to transfer to London City Airport for the fight to Edinburgh. Any suggestions?

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oh my. How much time do you have in between the two flights? I hope many many hours in case your incoming flight is delayed (I presume these two tickets are NOT connected?).

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Suggestions: don't do this! Change the flight.
Transport for London ( ) says this will take 1 hour 5 mins, using the Heathrow Express, that is probably optimistic and assuming you know the route.

  • Getting off the plane, immigration and everything else: 1 to 1½ hours
  • Crossing London 1½ hours+, worse in rush hour. And, you need to get tickets, and you don't know where you are going.
  • Check in at LCY: ½ hour+
  • Contingency (your incoming plane could be late): 2 hours.

I make that 5½ hours. A lot better to get one of the regular flights from Heathrow, booked as a connection so your luggage is transferred to the next flight. Even if it costs more.

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Thank you for the input. Wish my daughter and I had known all this earlier. I guess that is what happens when you try to use your accumulated miles. The tickets are connected - we had to fly American Airlines, which uses British Airways from Dallas. We arrive from Dallas TX at Heathrow early in the morning and our flight from LCY London leaves for Edinburgh about noon. There are companies that offer transport services but I am a bit leery of unknown companies that want payment up front - weeks in advance of the trip.

And our return trip is the same way - leave Edinburgh at early am, then depart Heathrow around mid-afternoon.

Other suggestions?

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is there anyway you can change your flight for Heathrow to Edinburgh instead of London city.even paying the cost of flight changes might be cheaper than paying transfers both way.

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Just Airports and Blackberry Cars are two firms that are often mentioned on forums such as these. Ask for a quote - otherwise it's public transport as suggested above, which will be cheaper and quicker.

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hermthomas, if you decide to try and change tix here is my experience. I booked a reward flight with AA from Indy to Phily for two of us, using miles. I realized my connection to British Airlines in Phily ws going to be tight and I was concerned I may miss the flight to Heathrow and then Dublin which was on BA, not AA so it was not one tix, thus miss the flight lose the flight. So two months after the booking I contacted AA and requested a change, it ws the same day, just earlier in the morning. I found AA advantage folks to be very willing to help and there was no additional charge for changing the flight. I have done Indy to Heathrow to EDI and would try to avoid a change of airports in London if at all possible, not to mention you will be jet lagged from the Dallas flight for the transfer, good luck. dave

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There is little to nothing to be gained practically in my view from using the Heathrow Express, if only because of the inconvenient change to the Bakerloo at Paddington, and the infrequency compared with the underground.

My route would be:
Piccadilly line to Hammersmith
District line to Westminster
Jubilee line to Canning Town
DLR to London City Airport DLR Station

One more change but it is cross platform. Change at Westminster is easier than at Green Park where to be step free you need to go all the way to the surface and back down again.

Do try and get the flight changed to being from Heathrow though as you would not then need to reclaim any bags that you may have which is a great time and hassle saver. You will still though need to go through airport security as the UK doesn't trust anyone else's.

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another question about a different matter. Are there any bus tours that take a day trip to Culloden from Edinburgh? I have not yet found one. Please advise.

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It might be just as easy to take the train to Inverness and then take the bus to the Battlefield. You can catch an 8:30 train to arrive around noon in Inverness. You then can catch a return at 5:30 and be back in Edinburgh before 9 PM. It is a beautiful train ride.