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Transfer from Edinburgh airport to City Centre - best options for 4 with luggage

Howdy, Everyone!

I'm looking for advice on getting from the Edinburgh airport to the city center. We'll be arriving midday. There are 4 of us with luggage--max of a carryon bag and personal bag.

I see on the airport site there are taxi's, buses, trams, and maybe a train. Also in the mix could be Lyft, Uber, or a private car.

With 4 of us, I'm thinking taxi or Lyft would be the easiest, most cost efficient option. Any advice on approximate cost and best option? We're staying just off the Royal Mile, near Waverly Station.


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Given your hotel location, yes, you have a choice of all different modes of transport. We used a taxi and it worked out great, though if there had been 4 of us it might have been a bit of a tight squeeze into one car. The upside with 4 passengers, of course, is that you save over having to buy 4 tickets for tram or bus. They gave us a 5-pound discount coupon to use returning to the airport, if that's of interest to you. The taxi stand is off to the side of the terminal, at the opposite end from where the rental cars are parked. We were told they're not allowed to pick you up along the curb anywhere but the head of the taxi stand line.

Lothian Bus, BTW, has a day pass so if you are going to be using buses to get around in Edinburgh that is a good option. Even if you don't do enough travel to earn back every penny, it saves fumbling for money when you decide you want to catch a bus at any time during the day & evening.

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If "just off the Royal Mile, near Waverly Station" means Old Town the bus might be a good choice as it stops on Waverley Bridge (note the spelling). If it means New Town (Princes street), the tram probably stops closer.

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Hi, Scott,

One of the black cabs should be able to accommodate your party of four. If the boot is not large enough to fit all of your luggage, you may have to have some of it in the passenger compartment with you.

Be prepared to pay a little bit extra for the two extra passengers, and if you arrive on a Saturday or Sunday. It's not much - maybe three pounds total. They also charge an extra 5% if you pay by credit card.

Be sure to provide a decent tip. Some of the guidebooks say to just round up to the next pound, but a 15% tip or higher will be greatly appreciated, and you'll have the satisfaction of contributing to the Scottish economy!

Best wishes,

Mike (Auchterless)

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We took the bus to the city center, then switched to one that dropped us off by the B&B. It was easy. Our B&B owner told us which busses to take.

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I needed to get from the airport to they Haymarket area. Easy-peasy on the tram. But I had only about five blocks to walk with my carryon only bag. If I were going to your destination with four and more than four bags, I’d take a taxi. But contact the hotel. They should be able to tell you which transit method is best for your party and baggage loads.