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Tram vs. Bus - EDI to Premier Inn Princes St.

I've been looking at the transport choices between the tram and the Airlink 100 bus from the Edinburgh airport to the Premier Inn Princes Street, but I can't tell which is the better choice. The tram takes slightly longer than the bus, but does that take traffic into consideration? And it looks like both have stops within a block or two of the hotel.

Does anyone have any on-the-ground experience with one or the other?

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I took the tram back and forth to the airport and felt it was a good transport option. I stayed at a different Premier Inn (York Place) where the tram stop is literally at the front door so it was an easy choice.

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I too stayed at the York St Premier Inn and loved the tram which stopped right across the street. There was also a great pub and dining room across from that Premier Inn.

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As long as you get to the Waverely train/bus station you’re within a few minutes walk to the hotel. I don’t think either is better; it’s more a personal preference.