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Train versus Bus

We need to get from Edinburgh to Glasgow on a Saturday in October to start our Best of Scotland Tour. Am I correct that the train is a regional train so no need to book ahead? Also is 1st class better than standard on these trains Worried about the strikes that have been happening and was wondering if the bus is a better option?

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Train is best. You don’t need to book ahead. Obviously trains are busy at rush hour but there are many throughout the day so you can just hop on one.

It’s only a 40 minute ride so First Class is a complete waste of money. We don’t use Euros in the UK so I’m not sure where you got 7€ from!

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Agreed with the prior post, you can just go to Edinburgh Waverly and buy your tickets then and there. No need for 1st class (if that's even available). Lots of departures, easy journey. Strikes, maintenance, etc. do happen of course, but remember that you only hear about it when the trains don't run on time (i.e., most days there are no headlines and everything goes off basically without a hitch - recent headlines make it sound like widespread cancellations and labor disputes are the norm when they are not). Pay attention to ScotRail's website or Twitter feed and you'll get updates if there's expected difficulties and you can adjust as needed over there without much trouble.

If you do choose a bus, there are a number of providers. We used CityLink once when our train was cancelled due to a labor dispute in June and it was an easy to use and affordable service.

Happy travels - so much to love about Scotland!

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I've done both, I prefer the train. It's less than an hour and if I remember correctly first class isn't even available.

There are two train stations in Glasgow--Central and Queen Street. Trains from Edinburgh go to each on different departures. Look on a map to see which station is closer to your accomodations.

Scotrail is the provider of the service.

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I don't think I would choose first class, even if it is available. I chose first class this May for a journey from Edinburgh to Inverness (my first train journey in Scotland). My post-journey impression is that first class is primarily for business travelers. The first class carriage did not include a luggage rack, and the primary perk seems to be curtained windows so that one can shut out distractions to perhaps sleep or work along the way. Fortunately, our travel companions did not insist on shutting out the view.

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And now, of course, we know that there will be a strike precisely on the day you need to travel - October 1st. So you may need to find an alternate means of getting from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

(ScotRail isn’t striking on October 1, but RMT is, and RMT runs the rails and signal boxes.)

According to Scotrail’s info page, they will be running one train per hour between Edinburgh and Glasgow via Shotts. So you’ll need somehow to ensure you get on one of those trains !

Here’s the ‘Industrial Action’ page of ScotRail’s website (not that easily highlighted from their homepage) that tells of what they do plan to run on strike days:

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Thanks Kim- I had seen on ScotRail website that Oct 1st was effected so I decided to just do the bus. Booked on Thursday. Did not want to stress about crowed trains.

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Sadly I think that is the right move !!

Good for you staying on top of it. Hope you have a great tour !