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Train ticket question

I purchased a train ticket that begins at Edinburgh Gateway, goes to Edinburgh Waverly where we change trains and go to London. My question is: Can I skip the first part from EDB Gateway and just show up at EDB Waverly and catch the train to London, using the "second" half of my ticket? Or do I need to cancel my tickets and repurchase?

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Is it an Advance ticket with a capital 'A'?

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It is an advanced ticket (with a capital A). I had intended to take a rental car back to the airport and then a train to London. That is why I bought a ticket starting at EDB Gateway. After researching we decided not to get a car and just use public transportation. My ticket starts at Gateway, goes to Waverly. Then I change trains (have 20 minutes) and go to London. Since my hotel is closer to Waverly I wanted to just go there.

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It is the time of the long distance train you need to meet. Is that all printed on one physical ticket? That's what your last response appears to say.

Does it give you the times of both trains or just the time of the long distance train "and connections"?

Either way you will be ok just going for the long distance train - as long as it isn't a "Megabus" or "Megatrain".