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Train ticket plan

I'm looking for confirmation that I've got this plan right. 2 adults and a child fly into Manchester arriving at 6:50 am bound for Dunbar as a final destination. We would take a TransPennine Express train leaving for Edinburgh at 10:07 with airport advance first tickets, which should give us a three hour window in case our flight is late. I'm opting for first class since we will be coming off a long flight. Tickets are currently priced at £128.25 (total for 3 of us) with a friends and family railcard, which we will pick up before we get on the train. National Rail currently does not show these tickets as available (too far out), but they look available on the TransPennine Express site. Once in Edinburgh, we would buy separate tickets to Dunbar as there are plenty of trains each day. These would be standard class since it is a 20-25 minute trip.

I've been keeping an eye on prices, and these seem pretty good. I split up the trip because it was twice as much to do the whole trip on one transaction. Is there a good reason to not go this route? Anything I might have missed or not thought of? After all of the pricing I've done, this almost seems too easy and too good of a price.

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Yes, I make it £128.25 for 2 adults and one child travelling first class with a F&F railcard. First is a nicer experience but it isn’t luxury – it’s only £63.70 for standard class but it’s your choice.

You don’t need to wait until the 10.07 – you could get the 8.07 train. If you book the earlier train and your plane is delayed you can still take the later train

“with an Airport Advance you can catch the next available TransPennine Express train up to 3 hours after the departure time stated on the ticket. Don't forget to endorse your ticket at the Manchester Airport station ticket office before you board the train.

And from Edinburgh to Dunbar all three of you can travel for £13.60 – these are walk-up fares so you can buy online now or buy when you arrive; no price difference.

Looks good to me.

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I will think about the earlier train. We have plenty of time to get to Dunbar, so I'd rather err on the side of having extra time to wait. Though with a child, I may wish to be there sooner. It is definitely something to consider.