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Train from Cambridge to Edinburgh

Greetings all !
We are planning a trip to the UK this Oct. This time we are taking the train, I was wondering about the trip from Cambridge to
Edinburgh Scotland? We will be traveling from Cambridge to Edinburgh on Sunday, if we get the Rick Steves rail pass does that work well, or should we just got point to point on our train tickets?


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There is no "Rick Steves rail pass".

All orders for passes and tickets are fulfilled by Rail Europe (not by Rick Steves' Europe). For customer-service questions, contact them online (or call 800-622-8600, but expect long waits and periods of unavailability at the call desk) — and keep in mind that refund options are fairly limited.

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Non-refundable tickets bought well in advance will probably be much cheaper than a rail pass. I wonder whether Cambridge-Edinburgh is a route on which you'd save money by splitting the ticket. Perhaps one of our UK train experts knows.

Will you have any other rail trips?

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This is an easy run. You can look up times and buy tickets on the National Rail website ( ).
You can buy discounted tickets in advance, which is likely to by cheaper than a rail pass.

Tickets are only available about 3 months in advance, currently up to late September. For mid September I see prices from £73 per person.
Trip takes just over 5 hours, changing at Peterborough and there is roughly 1 departure per hour.
Beware Sunday is a favourite for track maintenance work, and times my change with only a few weeks notice.

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A BritRail Pass for 2 travel days within a month is a new product this year, $146 per adult aged 26-59. There's currently a free extra travel day included when you purchase before July 30. You might use that to cover the Heathrow Express into London, if you're staying there before going on to Cambridge, but if you go all the way to Cambridge on the first travel day, then you need to find another use for the third day. This is a flexible option, not locking you into specific departures.

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I did this trip a year ago. We left around 6 PM I believe as we put in a full day at work first. We had to change trains at Peterborough. It was very easy. We just bought point to point for that trip.