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Traditional/folk music

Any suggestions on finding venues for traditional/folk music. We'll be in Glasgow, and Pitlochry for 3 nights each in late October. Not much help from Google or several Scotland tourism web sites. I even contacted Golden Bough, a wonderful Celtic music group here in California, but no good leads.

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In Pitlochry:

Mckays has music Friday and Saturday and sometimes other nights. It's on the high street a couple blocks west of the road that goes up to Moulin. Their grub is pretty good.

The Old Mill also has music on Friday and Saturday. It's a block east of the Moulin Road intersection and a block north of the high street along the creek. The food ain't so hot and costs like the dickens -- except for the soup.

Fishers, another block further east on the other side of the high street, has about the same schedule, I think. I've heard the noise, but never been in.

The Auld Smitty (a bit west of McKays) has the best food in town and is pushing having the best mussels in the world. The Indian joint (between McKays and the rail station) is over-priced and horrible. Neither has music.

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Hi Jerry, There is a lot of music in Glasgow! This article from this weekends' NY Times Travel session highlights some of the more contemporary music venues. I'm not sure what your googling results were, but mine immediately brought up this guide to Sessions in Glasgow. It looks like it's a bit under construction, but it would be a good starting place. Also, there is always the Gig Guide. Check it out once you're closer to your time of departure. You can check Pitlochry there. See if anything is happening at the Festival Theatre. I saw Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham there one year! Also, here's a great blog on one session participants experience. And there's always the the What's On Guide.

I went to a music festival in Tarbert in Argyle a little over ten years ago. The highlights was a band from Glasgow that played traditional tunes with a modern twist. A lime green violin was involved. :) Here's a link to this year's festival. If you're in Scotland the weekend of the 20th of September, you should change your plans and go!

Also, every winter there is a wonderful music festival that I will go to some day called Celtic Connection. You could peruse their site to see what venues are used for the festival and see what type of music is playing other times of the year.


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Pam and Ed,

Thanks for your recommendations, as always. I had found MacKay's site. We will be in Pitlochry mid-week, when there's not much on. We hoped to see a play at the Festival Theater, opening nite of "The Lady Killers" on Thursday, but, there's a duo at MacKay's, Kate and Roddy, and that's our only chance to hear them. Nuts. Pam, you had also mentioned a music festival a few posts back, which starts on the Friday that we leave. Bad timing, but I've no choice.

I'll check out the Times article, and maybe can find something in Glasgow. In the meantime, we'll get a big serving of traditional music, dance, etc. at the annual Caledonian Club of S.F. annual gathering and games Labor Day weekend. Maybe some of the other performers will have some tips.