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Tour hotels

I am on the RS Scotland tour June 2020 and would like to add some days before and and after, staying at the same hotel. We have already been given that hotel info, but has it ever changed? Is it too early to make those reservations?

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Not in Scotland, but there was a change in the first hotel on one tour due to some emergency. I think it's very unlikely.

Even if it does, you would certainly be able to change your extra days, too. Since the tour hotels are often not large, I would not hesitate to reserve immediately.

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I agree with Liz. I'd not make a reservation that is non-refundable but I would go ahead and book it. The tour hotel will fill up. I've not had a hotel change on any of my tours but as Liz indicates it could happen.

Which hotel is it?

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I would book the hotel now. If you r are doing the ten-day tour then you are talking about Edinburgh and particularly if you are in August it really books up. But, you could also touch base with the Rick Steves staff and ask them. :) I am pretty sure that is what I did when I wanted to come into Berlin a day or two early on the Berlin/Prague/Vienna tour. It was nice to be in the same hotel, but it really would not have been a disaster to have to change either.


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Thanks everyone. I booked this morning and they were very accommodating. One more thing to check off my to-do list.