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tour from Inverness to Isle of Skye

This will be our first trip to this part of Scotland in September 2017. I'm looking at taking a tour from Inverness to the Isle of Skye.
Has anyone done this, if so what did you think. I appreciate your help

Tour or drive on our own

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First off, how are you getting to Inverness? Will you already have a car, or are you coming by train? How much time do you have? If you have the time I would drive to Skye and spend a night or two. I think a day tour from Inverness would be a pretty long day, and you wouldn't have a lot of time at some of the sights. I did the drive from Inverness by way of Ullapool and spent a night in Gairloch and it was a very scenic drive, something you won't get to see with a day trip.

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Rabbie's Tours offers a THREE day Isle of Skye tour. There are other tour companies...we saw all their buses parked or on the road on Skye, but mostly, they are staying overnight somewhere on Skye and taking day trips out to see all the "main" sights. The island is larger than you think.

If you rent a car, you can drive from Inverness to Skye, in about 3 hours.

If you think you are going to drive from Inverness, and see all there is to see on Skye in a day trip, you will be disappointed. Skye is worth 2-3 full days, just getting there and back to Inverness you'd be in the car at least 6 hours.

I can't help you with what sounds like a ONE day tour. Skye is just too far to do that from Inverness.

We were just there in September, rented a car in Inverness, drove to Portree to our B&B. We spent 3 nights, and 2.5 days. We managed to drive to see and photograph all the beauty, but didn't have a chance to hike anywhere. the roads on Skye are all ONE lane, with a "passing place" You have to know how to drive on the left, and how to yield to oncoming cars. Skye is extremely busy with tour buses and cars and PEOPLE.

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We did the Rabbies one day tour from Inverness to Isle of Skye in June. If you only have one day to devote to Skye and you really, really want to see it, and that is your only way, the tour is well planned and narrated. It is a very long day, but they cover a fair amount on the eastern side of Skye. What we found a bit annoying were the frequent stops with 15 minutes here and there. In retrospect, we could have done more in the area of Inverness with that time, like visiting the coast north of Inverness, and save Skye for when we could spend a few days there. We did visit Culloden, Clava Cairns and Cawdor Castle on another day.
If you do the tour (or not) the Rajah Indian Restaurant is about a 2 minute walk from the bus station, at 2 Post Office Avenue. We went in after 8:00 and they took us with just a few minute wait, which was great because we didn’t have the energy left to walk around. It’s in the Rick Steves book.
I had one of their Balti Special Dishes, recipes from what was once Baltistan. They are served in wok like bowls, and it was delicious.