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Tour direction.

I notice that your driving tour of Scotland follows a clockwise direction. Was there a conscious reason for that? My plan follows a counter clockwise direction and I'm wondering what, if anything I'm missing?

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I hope you checked the chime in button as that's the only way you'll get an answer from ETBD. :)

But as someone who's been to Scotland several times, I can tell you that it really doesn't matter. The weather is what has tended to affect my plans in Scotland more than anything else. The weather can vary from East to West and North to South because of the mountains and the directions of the storms. So, if you can be flexible--are traveling off season, don't have your heart set on a particular B&B, and are wiling to override what I call the Planning Gene--you can often dodge bad weather or at the very least minimize it.


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Hi Ija-for what it's worth, our trip this summer will also be counter-clockwise (or anti-clockwise as the locals would say). Zig-zagging is possible, too, but going roughly circular in either direction is probably more efficient. Have a great trip!

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There's no reason, but it may have been drawn from a longer Great Britain itinerary that also went clockwise. Our guided tour goes counter-clockwise.

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Thanks to everyone for your response. I appreciate your input. lj