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tipping in Scotland

As tipping for service differs in various countries I am interested in the custom in Scotland:
tipping for taxi ride from airport
tipping for small group tours (such as Rabbies)
tipping in restaurants
tipping in small hotels
and any other circumstance that tipping would be appropriate
thank you for any input

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taxi just round it up to the nearest pound,in restaurants max of 10% and only if the service is good, hotels not expected, group tours not expected , other circumstance not expected.

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Thank you for your replies will be very helpful!

And drats I was really planning on doing some hairy cow tipping.

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This is so helpful but too late for us. We just got back, and weren't too sure about tipping. We did round up on taxi, and tipped at eating places, but I also tipped the guide and driver on a Rabbies tour, and the guide we used in Inverness. Guess I could have kept 25£ in my pocket. Oh, well, feels good to have tipped just a bit to these people who make our trip so enjoyable !

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Coffee shops and similar might have a tip jar. This is not compulsory, and is according to taste. Even if you decide to get a pizza delivered to your accomodation, and want to give a £1 tip, you may be chasing down the delivery person to give it to them.

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On the note of cow tipping, I was intrigued to see a sign in a parking lot - "No Fly Tipping." On closer inspection of the picture on the sign, this appears to refer to dumping garbage in unauthorized places, such as the parking lot.

I would not, in a million years, have thought "fly tipping" referred to this.

So, no cow tipping, no fly tipping - how's someone supposed to have any fun?