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time advice from Edinbough airport to passenger pick up

We will be picking up fellow travelers from the US at the airport at 12;00 . Wondering how much time to allow for them to clear customs, get their bags and be ready for pick up. any ideas? thanks

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Took me two hours to get out last year, and by that time my friend had paid over twenty pounds in parking.
That may be unusual, but it's a very busy airport.
If both groups had working phones it would be easier; then the "arrive-ees" could phone the " wait-ees" when they are almost done with all the arrival formalities.
The airport has recently jacked up its charges for parking, and waiting with your engine running at curbside.
Drop off and pick up curb side starts at two pounds for 5 minutes, and goes up alarmingly every 10 minutes after that.
It's a terrible cash grab, so be prepared!

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The last couple of times my husband and I flew from the US into Edinburgh, from the time we landed (usually before 11AM local time) we were boarding the bus or tram to the city center in less than 30 minutes.

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It depends if they are coming in from a direct international destination or coming in via London. We picked my daughter up in Edinburgh last year after she came from ATL - LHR - EDI. It didn't take more than about 30 minutes from the time she landed to come through. However, my first thought about Edinburgh airport is the parking charges. They are outrageous. Even just trying to pick someone up outside of the terminal will cost you.


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thank you all. Good to know about the charges to just pick up passengers. thank you all for taking the time to answer. Annelle