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Timberbrush versus Rabbie was your experience

Hello...Looking to do a one day trip out of Edinburgh with Timberbrush or Rabbies tour group...both seem identical...has anyone had experience...good or bad...with either? Any recommendations on which company and any recommendation on which tour to take? Will be myself, husband and 13 y/o daughter. Love historical sites and outdoors. Thank you!

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I've asked many similar questions as you Ruth and the answer that I keep getting for this one is that you need to be prepared to spend 10 hours on a bus driving PAST a lot of the sites. So long as you're ok with that, Rabbies appears to be a top rated company with more personal attention. The thing you should ask yourself is: "Do you want more nature or history?" "Do you have to see Loch Ness?" There is usually only one tour that goes to Loch Ness. Hype aside, its a lake. And there are tons of them in the Highlands. Loch Lomond is a beautiful lake 1.5 hours drive from Edinburgh.

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Hi Ruth,

I've done a day trip with Rabbies and also one of the multi-day trips. I enjoyed both very much. I know someone who travels a lot and doesn't hesitate to recommend either Rabbies or Timberbrush. You pick the one that has the itinerary you want (they are similar but do have some differences). If you take a tour that is shorter in distance from Edinburgh, you will have more time off the bus.

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FYI, there is another company you could check as well:
that have similar tours as the other two companies mentioned. I didn't check prior to posting this, but they may have an option for you as well. I had a good experience with them in 2010.


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Thank you everyone for your replies...this helps! Ruth

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My family and I have only done Rabbie's. We did two single-day trips from Edinburgh. The first, we went to Melrose (burial site of Robert the Bruce's "brave" heart), Alnwick Castle, and Dunbar. The second - aberfoyle (?), Loch Lommond, Stirling Castle. We thoroughly enjoyed both. With Rabbie's, expect a comfortable van with up to 16 people. (One trip we took was less than half full.) Plenty of time "off the bus." Friendly drivers. You are responsible for your own admission fees once you arrive at a sight that has fees. The driver turns you loose to explore on your own. That way, you are not dragged around in a group and getting lectured. I would do Rabbie's again.