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Tickets in Advance, by Attraction

Friends! Couple questions - I'm wondering if you folks with experience can recommend whether I should buy tickets for certain attractions in advance. My husband and I will be in Scotland from 3/24-4/7 (this month). I'm just wondering if I NEED to commit to buying tickets ahead of time (like we had to for some attractions in Spain last year), or if it's reasonable to just buy tickets at the event.

Edinburgh Castle?
Surgeons Hall Museums?
National Museum?
Boat tours on Skye?

Also, does anyone know if we MUST use a guided tour at the Necropolis in Glasgow, or can we just walk around?

Thank you in advance!!

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You are not going at peak tourist season, so you should be fine buying your tickets when you arrive at the attraction.

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I would just purchase tickets the day in advance - no need to lock yourself into a set schedule before then. You can take weather, etc. into account. You shouldnt enounter many crowds this time of year.

It goes without saying to make sure you use a secure internet connection when using your cc to buy tickets. Your hotel wifi isn't secure.

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Great advice, friends! Thank you! I'll not rope myself in too early and wait to make sure the weather and travel cooperates. Thank you!

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Yes, you can just walk around the Necropolis - it is open to the public.