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Three Days in the Highlands


I'm returning to Scotland this June for the third time with two friends for their first time. Both of my prior visits have mostly focused on Edinburgh with quick day trips to the Highlands. But this time I'm hoping to spend at least three days in the Highlands with my two friends.

We'll be leaving and returning to Edinburgh and will have a BritRail pass. I'd like to be back in Edinburgh by the evening of the third day. I was thinking perhaps spending Day 1 taking the train to Fort William, exploring a bit, then continue on to the Isle of Skye where'd we'd spend the night. Spend Day 2 exploring Skye by rental car and either stay there that evening. Day 3 take the bus tot he bridge then the train to Inverness, exploring along the way, before heading back to Edinburgh that evening. This might not even be reasonable so I'd appreciate your advice!

If someone with more experience could suggest a good three day Highlands highlights tour, it'd be appreciated! We all three enjoy whiskey and beautiful scenery if that helps. ;)

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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Things to think about:

  1. Fifteen hours of travel and sixteen of sleep in sixty hours?

  2. Not much train use to justify a rail pass?

  3. How can you explore along the way to Inverness on a train?

  4. Switching modes of transportation every time you turn around is expensive?

  5. Public transportation schedules might make your idea impossible?

  6. It takes the same amount of gas and daily car fee to move three as it does to move one?

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As you know the days ar endless in June!
Went to Cairngorms with my WI relatives and about11pm my. uncle. asked "Is it every going to go dark"
If you did the car at Fort William gives you freedom.
On the return , theses frequent buses up the great glen to Inverness to pick up the other line south again which is good but not as scenic as the Fort William line.
You might find theres Advance tickets on the national rail site, or area pases in the Offers (top of page on the nationalrail site) that might beat the pass you are looking at.
Theres also a new pass just out twotogether which you are valid for gives 1/3rd off .
All that said riding the rails all the way to Mallaig does have appeal.. choices choices.

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Thanks for the advice. We'll already have the railpass paid for so that's obviously the cheapest, although I'm not opposed to renting a car if it's that much better. However, the steam train from Fort William to Mallaig did sound interesting. Anyone ever done that?