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Thinking about Rabbe Tours from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye following RS best of Scotland

I wonder if anyone has taken the Rabbe 3-4 day tour from Edinburgh to Skye and back. if so, what you thought. We will be finishing a RS Scotland tour and are considering adding the Rabbe tour immediately after. Not sure how much might be duplication from the RS tour.

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I've done a Rabbies tour, though not that one, and often recommend them.
You could check the daily itineraries on both tours to see if there is too much overlap.

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I didn't do that exact Rabbie's tour, but I did their 6 day Outer Hebrides and Skye tour in September and it was amazing! Wouldn't hesitate to book with them again if I found another tour I was interested in. I've not done the RS Scotland tour, but the one piece of advice I might give is to try to have at least a day in between the two tours if you can. I know RS tours can have lots of full, busy days and if you do a Rabbies tour that goes to Skye your first day will probably be a long travel day. It might be nice to have a day of down time in between in Edinburgh if you can work that into your schedule.

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We did that (or maybe a variation) a couple years back. Very good experience. Much of it due to the quality of the guide but even taking the guide out of the equation transportation and lodging was quite adequate. Scheduling kept you hopping but I've noticed that on most packaged tours (including Rick Steves). We'd go with Rabbies again.

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I too recommend Rabbies. I have not been on the tour you mentioned but traveling on a 16 passenger vehicle allowed us to go to places a big bus couldn't get to.