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The Royal Edinburgh Ticket

Purchasing this ticket includes admission to Edinburgh Castle, Place of Holyrood House and Brittania. Does anyone know if visiting these three locations can be done in one day? Would there be bus tranfers or is it done on one bus? Any additional information about this would be greatly appreciated. Planning to do this tour on Monday, July 17, 2023. Thanks in advance!

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Edinburgh Castle and Palace of Holyrood House are at opposite ends of the Royal Mile; walkable for able-bodied visitors. It's less strenuous if you start at the castle since it's uphill and the palace is downhill. There's lots to see along the Royal Mile, so it would be easy to poke along and then realize you're arriving at the other end too late for entry.

If you wanted to see all three in one day, I think it's doable, but you will need to get an early start and keep an eye on time. Perhaps see Britannia first, then head to the castle. However, I see that the Royal Ed Ticket gives you 48 hours.

I don't know the answer to your question about bus transfers. Perhaps someone else who knows the routes included in the Royal Ed Ticket can answer that.

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I am not convinced of this ticket, as comparing the prices of individual admissions with the overall cost of this ticket + using city transit doesn't add up in strict financial terms. Plus I am unclear how you make timed reservations for the attractions.

But get over the reservations issue, and it may have a greater utility, especially as city transit doesn't actually get to Holyrood House now.

There are three sightseeing bus lines included with this ticket- none of which serves all three locations. So you would need to permutate two of the three lines- not a problem as all included, just needs a little bit of planning.

I agree it will be a busy day, on what could be very hot conditions in the summer peak, but probably do-able. Taking the 48 hours the ticket is valid for (if you have that extra day) would be kinder to your body.

There is a lot to be said for taking the tram (or city bus) to Brittania, and walking the city otherwise, if you are able.

This is a thoughtful answer to give you food for thought, rather than a clear answer- which I don't think I can give, as I don't know you and your wider plans.

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Even in my youth when I moved fast and did a lot in a day, I'd be struggling to fit all three attractions into a day. There's so much to see and enjoy at all of them. Two would be more realistic.

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The ticket is live for 48 hours - so should tell you what Visit Scotland think.

Yes it is doable but it's going to be a full day with food on the go most likely

You book your castle slot when validating your ticket. Britannia doesn't need to be booked. Not sure how they manage Holyrood!

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We are going to Edinburgh in September, and I decided against "The Royal Edinburgh" ticket for our one day in Edinburgh when we will not be taking a Rabbies tour to somewhere else. What I really want to see is the Royal Yacht Britannia - and for the price of the RET, I can just take an Uber, or the tram.

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I've been looking at the Lovian bus/tram app. It looks easy. Somehow I'll still get confused and go in the wrong direction. Why me?

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Sounds like a great day in Edinburgh to me. Holyrood is closed june 27-july 7 for visitors.